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User Profile Manager 2.5

User Profile Manager gives you control of the way Windows manages user profile data on your workstations.
With User Profile Manager you can:

  • Share profiles
  • Assign a single profile to a group of users
  • Specify that users and groups should use temporary profiles
  • Create mandatory group profiles
  • Create backup profiles and quickly set a new default
  • Rename profiles

Manage shared workstations

User Profile Manager is ideal for shared workstations. By using User Profile Manager you can assign a mandatory profile to a group of users; this can be either a local group or a domain group. You can also assign mandatory profiles to local users.

For example, if a machine is used by both students and teachers, by assigning a different mandatory profile to each group, you can quickly and easily enforce a different standard desktop for each group without having to assign mandatory profiles to individual user accounts.

Save time and simplify administration

Whether you are looking to manage the data Windows has stored for you on your machine, or you are an Administrator looking after a network of computers, User Profile Manager has been developed to give you a simple but powerful tool to make your life easier.