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User Profile Manager 2.7

User Profile Manager uses some of our most advanced software technology to enable a single profile to be shared by a group of users. This powerful capability means that User Profile Manager is ideal for use on shared workstations, such as those in computer labs in universities, schools and colleges. It can also be used to facilitate role or job sharing through a shared desktop, while maintaining individual user account security.

  • Assign a single profile to a group of users
  • Significantly reduce logon times
  • Create backup profiles and quickly set a new default
  • Create mandatory and temporary profiles
  • Volume Licensing Available

Manage shared workstations

Let's take the example of a shared computer lab workstation. User Profile Manager enables you to assign a single profile to a group of users - either a domain group or a local group. This means that you can quickly and easily enforce a standard desktop for all members of, say, a given student group, and may be another standard desktop for teachers.

Significantly reduced logon times

Because the user profile is assigned to a group and already exists, a new user logging onto the workstation does not have to wait - sometimes for several minutes - for Windows to create a new profile for them. Instead User Profile Manager manages the logon process to ensure that the user quickly gets the desktop you have assigned to them.

Copy profiles and set a new default profile

As well as actively managing the profile a user gets when they logon, User Profile Manager offers a full range of profile management options. You can create mandatory and temporary profiles - profiles that are reset when the user logs off. You can create a copy of a profile and assign the copy to another user account. You can also set a new default profile on the workstation based on an existing profile. (Remember though, if that's all you want to do, use our free DefProf tool instead.)

Volume Licensing

We understand that you do not want to spend any more of your time managing software licenses. Customers who purchase 100 licenses or more have the option to choose Volume Licensing at no extra cost. Volume Licensing means that you do not need to activate a license on each machine that you install User Profile Manager on. Volume and Educational discounts are available. If you are interested in Volume licensing please contact